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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bailouts Auto-Matic Failures

“If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention,” so the popular bumper sticker slogan says. So, my thoughts are that nobody is paying attention then. Although, my blog title stimulates a thought of optimism in the world, I must confess in these times I hardly am able to see a positive future. We have a topsy-turvy economy that lies on the hinges of what government bureaucrats and Wall Street economists want done, and what is more surprising is that the democrats are the most vocal and adamant supporters of opening up the Federal check-book to the corporations and allowing the continued plundering of our tax dollars. But hey, that’s life in an Orwellian world, War is Peace, right?

There are so many points and issues that I could ramble on about, however for the last month, I feel as if I have been hog-tied and shackled from the collective societal delusion that Jesus Barrack Obama is America’s savior. Rhetorical speeches had broadcasted the image of change; however what is more realistic is that soon all of us are going to be saying “Brother can you spare us some change.” Change does not happen by following policies and ideas from the same mindset that created the problems. Barrack Obama bamboozled America and the progressive movement, and America needs to wake up from the coma. I challenge one person who reads my words to identify one individual nominated by Obama who is an agent of change. No wonder, McCain supporters are overwhelming supporting Obama’s administrations picks because they are either Wall Streeters, Military-Industrial Complex Hawks, Nuclear proponents, or part of the Harvard elite network.

Get of the Obama-euphoric drug high and begin to question what direction we are going in. Do you want; Stanford induced energy policy, Goldman Sachs style environmental policy, Chicago business education policy, Cold War military diplomacy, and Wall Street Economics. I don’t think you do, and neither do I.

What are the options then? According to the Demolicans in Washington, we must bail out the auto industry. The Republocracts are saying no, and instead they are blaming the unions and using it as an opportunity to crush unionism. While I fervently support workers rights, I disagree with an auto industry bailout. Propping up a destructive industry that has crippled American manufacturing is not a viable or realistic policy, and supporting an industry bailout for the sake of jobs is just plain irrational. Investment needs to move away from the car dominated economy and move into a sustainability-based economy. Recent talk of an economic stimulus centers way too much around the issue of roads and bridges and left out of the discussion is real public works programs. Public works should include railroad, schools, hospitals, solar, wind and hydro facilities, and community centers are what is needed, not more of the same infrastructure failures.

Faced with non existing public transportation, crumbling schools, under staffed hospitals, highly polluting energy sources, and lack of public spaces Americas communities and towns are fiscally pinched. As an alternative to bailing out antiquated industries of old, it is time to look forward and fund human needs. In place of the local hospital or community center begging me to donate money I want to see the government fund it and invest in those needs. Let the CEOs of GM, Ford, and Chrysler send me monthly pledge pitches because truthfully I would rather have a staffed hospital than a gas-guzzling, global warming causing SUV. In fact, if the US had a national health care plan, General Motors would have profited an extra 22 billion dollars over the last decade. Instead the talking heads pin-point all the causes and blames of the crisis on Wall Street, the Auto CEO’s, Bush, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Reagan, or Bill Clinton without producing viable solutions. By continuing to refuse real solutions and band-aiding problems, the powers are just continuing the problem.

So, despite my rants and raves, I fortunately do see hope amongst the chaos, but as you can perceive it is not under the current economic or political system. For I believe that real change will organically rise up from our local communities, and not by a well financed and hierarchical “grassroots” campaign. My wife and I pride ourselves living in Central Vermont, a region of the country which is blessed to be so connected with so many resources and people doing amazing things to stimulate change. People such as Food Works at Two Rivers, LACE-(Local Agricultural Community Exchange), Rural Vermont, Onion River Exchange(Time Bank), the localvore movements, the Montpelier Downtown Community Association, and so many countless individuals rising up for systemic change by merely living in harmony and reverence for the earth and one another. I look forward to a day, when others around the nation will join us, so we can all live as one…IMAGINE


Robb Kidd

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.” John Lennon


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