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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Obamawellian World

For the last few years we all heard the rhetoric rumbling on and on, on how America needed to change and that with a Democractic President things will change. Well to put it bluntly, we’re waiting…

Now, yeah some things have changed such as that instead of corporations grabbing the Treasury through lucrative subsidies and tax breaks the Hedge fund Democrats have just handed the check book directly over to them. Now that is what I call openness, instead of hiding the corruption, the politicos are now so presumptuous that they do it right in front of everybody’s face and smile while doing it and what for applause. However, the media pundits continue to pound on the idea that America must support big business, while we as individuals continue struggling making ends meat and risk loosing our jobs on a daily basis.

Of the most rhetorical of the change issues is the non-existing Health Care Reform. Most Americans knows that the reason why Health Care is so expensive is that the Health Care industry is over zealous with greed. The Insurance industry monopolizes health care and plays with peoples lives as if they were chattel enslaved on a monoculture farm. Furthermore, the Pharmaceutical Industry profits enormously from federal research and development grants to discover and market new pharmaceuticals. In return those same pharmaceuticals, at exuberant markups, are then sold to the American taxpayers.

Now charged under the guise of change, Obama has asked Congress to introduce legislation to “reform” Health Care. Earlier in the year, “Health Care” forums were on a traveling dog and pony show trumping up the illusion that someone in Washington cares. Americans were supposed to engage in a discussion on how to improve Health Care. The only problem, like the Senatorial hearings, President Obama’s forums were a sham since proponents of a “single-payer” or “Universal” system were shut out the door and left in the barn as if they had they swine flu.

In Washington, advocates protested Senator Bacchus’s Finance Committee hearings on Health Care, and when protesters chanted “we need single-payer now”, he smirked that “what we really need is more police.” The blatant audacity of politicians to ignore large factions of the populace and to then say that they are working on reform is fundamentally flawed. Americans should be outraged but instead there told by CNN and MSNBC that Obama is fulfilling campaign promises by taking Michelle on dates.

So while Americans are lulled into Hollywood like script with frivolous news, we now have a President applauding the Health Care Industry for “voluntarily” agreeing to cutting potential increases of two trillion dollars over the next few years, while simultaneous advocating for mandatory insurance purchase. Most American’s realize that the system is broke, and that the insurance profiteers are bilking the system, but somehow agents of change still want the status quo. So what we have here, is a situation where the industry is practically writing the rules, the president is the cheerleader in chief, and the media is propagating the illusion of reform. This is no difference, than the Oil and Coal Industry having secret energy meetings with Dick Cheney and then creating energy policy.

So, while in an Orwellian world War equals Peace, here in the Obamawellian world Change= The Status Quo. Folks, as I have stated time after time on this page, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Change does not come from a man who is paid by Wall Street to run America. Change did not happen on November 7 and it aint happening anytime soon until we all express our outrage. The illusion will fall like a house cards when we chip away at the lies. Please join me before it is too late.

Robb Kidd

“"Doublethink" means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them” George Orwell


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