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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sickened Health Care Debate

As the phony dog and pony show of Obama's Health Care "Reform" continues, we the people are left paying thousands of dollars to the pockets of insurance industry executives. Obama promises a "public option" as a solution, while he and his loyal flock have denied any discussion of real reform or change. Below is a letter I submitted to a VT newspaper because I am sick of hearing the bullshit reform debate.

Dear Editor, the Times Argus,

Last years elections brought the country to a state of hope and excitement for the future of government policies, however the more policy debate emerges it appears to be just like the same old rhetoric of the past. Despite the fact that most sectors of the American and Vermont economy are struggling with the enormous burden of health care cost our political leaders would rather maintain the status quo. The major factor for the high costs is the insurance industry swindle of our money, but if you ask President Obama, another flawed bureaucratic program like Catamount/Green Mountain Care (A Public Option) is the answer. To propagate the faulty notion President Obama has enlisted Governor Douglas to manipulate public opinion rather fulfill his campaign rhetoric of supporting a Single Payer Health Care System.

For those unaware of it, Catamount is a bureaucratic nightmare that has individuals continuously filling out piles of paper work and making countless phone calls to obtain coverage or just to maintain coverage. In a matter of less than a year, my wife and I have had our policy premium costs changed multiple times, removal threatened for not following bureaucratic procedures, and eventually being removed because we temporarily made more money than the months previously. Furthermore, the dental and eye care expenses that we paid thousands for were not covered. The Catamount program is a mere band-aid solution of a systematic failure and for our leaders in Washington or Montpelier to praise programs like it is just another means of delaying the solution.

While debate in Washington is going nowhere with Obama’s flawed ideas, Vermont’s legislative leaders are punting on responsibility. A single payer Health Care System is beneficial for Vermont’s schools, towns, businesses and the economy. If Washington is not going to fix the problem, Vermont must do it. The time for action is now for Vermont to create a Single Payer Health Care System for Washington is only perpetuating the failed Wall Street like insurance based system.

So, while the debate leaves out a viable solution, we Americans are going to continue paying for a system that is all about fraud and price gouging, and the Hedge Fund Democracts will gleefully applaud and pat themselves on the backs for "reform."

Robb Kidd

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi