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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No VT Nukes 2012- Let it SNow....

In many ways, today I am glad I live in Vermont.
  • 1. Today, the Vermont Senate voted to shut down the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in 2012 as scheduled. In any other state the big money influence of a nuclear power company would corrupt every politician in the state that the question would never be asked. One look to Oyster Creek in NJ and Indian Point in NY you will see that the NRC, the Nuclear Reactor Cheerleaders, easily relicensed those plants despite having many flaws and years of mishaps. So before I spout out at the Vermont Senate again on other issues, I just want to give them credit where it is due. (2 out of 3 of my Senators voted against the re license. (One Republican and a Democrat.)
  • 2.The other reason I am happy today it is snowing, and may I say heavily. After a lackluster winter Central Vermont is finally getting a good snow, so my wife and dog went for a beautiful snow-shoe along the North Branch of the Winnoski. Although, we were within the “city-proper”, we were in a complete winter wonderland and just a few miles away from this historic vote.(Instead of sitting around all day waiting for the vote, we were out playing in a blanket of snow, and made it home just in time to see it streaming live.)

So, while the rest of country seems to not enjoy snow, we in Vermont are happy to have it and furthermore while Barrack Exelon-Obama is bamboozling the rest of the country, Vermont’s Senate has spoken loud and clearly-NO NUKES.

Robb Kidd

“The discovery of nuclear reactions need not bring about the destruction of mankind any more than the discovery of matches” Albert Einstein


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