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Friday, April 09, 2010

Changing World ?

As the days grow longer I find myself less interested in the politics of the world, for I have many other important things to take care of over the resistance to a world of insanity. However, the world I now live in will also will be the world of my shortly new-born son, so I still have to do my part in trying to change the world for the better.

SO, that said I am encouraging others to quit their silence and voice yourselves. Unless you are living under a rock or have buried your heads under the sand, I am sure you have heard that the US is still no closer to ending the Bush's immoral wars, despite all the rhetoric of CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN. Although, I have not been marching in the streets, or working for change, my voice is still as strong as it ever was. I will not be silenced, nor should you...

I leave you with a recent letter, I drafted questioning the US's war path and in particularly the complacency of Vermont's Senior Senator Patrick Leahy. Those in Congress have moral obligation to end these wars. Please suite and write to end war, not for me, not for you, but for your children, my son, and everybody else's children.

Dear Senator Leahy,

I am troubled at the lack of attention given to the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts (wars). Especially, now with the recent release of troubling videos and reports of improprieties by the United States military personal showing the slaughter of innocent civilians. Furthermore, the recent comments of Afghani President Karzai are especially alarming since he virtually has been the United States puppet leader up until this point. It should be clear to you that continuance of this war is severely flawed. Nonetheless I am troubled that you as a critic of President Bush’s war policy have been complacent to the current president’s war path.

As an elective Senator of Vermont, I urge you to question the policies of every U.S. President, whether it be a Republican president or a Democratic President. Vermont elected you to be their voice, not the voice of the president. Prevously, I have written you multiple times regarding the expanding quagmires and presently have not received a rational response from your office. From my viewpoint I feel as if a blind’s eye is being turned because this President is a Democrat. The same injustices that you once harshly criticized the Bush administration for following are now being followed by this presidency.

Once again, I urge you as an individual Senator to stand up and challenge the horrific direction the United States is following. Current United States foreign policy is exasperating a world of terrorism, and failing to create the world of hope and peace that many Vermonters thought the last election was about. We can create a world of hope and peace, but only be starting here at home and halting the use of American military dominance. “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding,” was expressed by the worlds greatest thinker, Albert Einstein, I suggest we follow his words over the mentality of playground bullies.

Thank you for reading my concerns and your representation in Congress

Robert Kidd


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